When you walk around the city, how often do you look up?

The architecture and buildings around us hold history and stories just waiting to be discovered.

Explore Brumitecture, a growing hub for the architecturally interested community of Birmingham. Find out the history of the buildings around the city, virtually tour your favourite properties, print our walking tour ideas and follow development news to discover the best of our city’s architecture.

Here at Brumitecture, we embrace buildings from all ages. They reflect different aspects of our society, from historical rarities such as Grade I heritage listed Aston Hall, to the iconic modern Library of Birmingham, the city has a fine selection of different structures. Birmingham also has a wealth of Locally Listed Buildings, including the Eagle and Tun pub, which are just waiting to be discovered.

Behind Brumitecture:

kat brumitectureI’m Kat, the author of Brumitecture. This website was created as my final Online Journalism MA by Practice Project. Driven by my passion for creative online content and my slightly unhealthy obsession with buildings, I wanted to share the joy I found discovering the beautiful architecture of Birmingham when I first moved to the city.

I hope that whether you’re a Brummie at heart, or a newcomer to the city, Brumitecture will help you to explore the fascinating histories behind these wonderful structures, and head out into town with our walking tours to experience our heritage first hand.



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