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Aston Hall


Built between 1618 and 1635, Aston Hall was designed by architect John Thorpe. Sir Thomas Holt, who built the house, lived there from its construction throughout his life. The property remained in the family until 1817 when it was sold. After changing hands, the building became an open museum and park, until it was bought by the Birmingham Corporation to become the first historic country house in municipal ownership in 1864.

Now, the museum is run by the Birmingham Museums Trust and is open during the summer for visitors.

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The exterior of Aston Hall was built in the Jacobean style of the time. Jacobean architecture is a curious mix of Elizabethan design and new, Renaissance features such as columns and intricate carvings on exotic woods. Architectural elements inspired by the Classical style were also prevalent in this period, including the use of scrolls in plasterwork.

The interior of the property contains beautifully restored period detail, thanks to the buildings Grade I listing status. Examples of 17th century plasterwork can be seen alongside original woodcarvings and chimney pieces. The rooms of the museum have been decorated with traditional interior design from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Fact file:

Location: Aston 
Built: 1618-1635
Style: Jacobean
Status: Grade I 
Use: Community museum

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