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Eagle and Tun pub to be transformed in HS2 development

In new plans unveiled by Birmingham City Council this May, it has been revealed that the Eagle and Tun public house would be transformed and incorporated into the new Curzon Street Gateway as part of the proposed HS2 developement.

The Eagle and Tun, on the corner of Banbury Street, has a quirkier history than most. The location for UB40’s ‘Red Red Wine’ video and a once thriving music venue, the pub now sits derelict. With a local listing status of Grade B, the building has been unused since its closure in 2008.

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“HS2 will be an important catalyst for this ongoing development and regeneration activity.”

– Waheed Nazir, Birmingham City Council

The new HS2 network is proposed as part of Birmingham’s Big City Plan, which will see changes to 141 hectres of the city centre, stretching from Eastside to New Street. The Curzon Street Gateway would restore the Grade I listed Curzon Street Station, making it the new hub of the HS2 network.

hs2 artists impression new canal street 3d birmingham newsroomNew Canal Street 3D render – image property of Birmingham Newsroom

Fears that the pub would be demolished during these works have been set to rest, as new plans state that

‘there will be modifications to the locally listed Eagle and Tun public house on New Canal Street to integrate the building within the proposed Curzon Street station structure’.

Nearby pub, the Fox and Grapes which is Grade 2 listed, would be demolished during the new development.

Waheed Nazir, Director for Planning and Regeneration at Birmingham City Council sates “The Masterplan sets out the City Council’s aspirations for the new HS2 terminus station and the huge regeneration potential that surrounds it.”

Works on the HS2 development across the route are expected to start in 2017, following formal consultations and environmental surveys.

Eagle and Tun


The Eagle and Tun public house was a much-loved local venue, offering live music, which sadly closed in 2008.

Once home to a thriving music scene, the band UB40 filmed their iconic video for ‘Red Red Wine’ at the pub in the 1980s. It also featured on the cover of their album ‘The Best of UB40’.


The Victorian building has stood for over 100 years, but now sits disused after its closure. As a Grade B locally listed building, conservation should be considered during potential developments.

The Eagle and Tun has been incorporated into plans for the Curzon Street Gateway to the Birmingham HS2 network. The building will be modified to fit the development.

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Fact file:

Location: Banbury Street, Eastside 
Built: 1900
Style: Red brick
Status: Grade B Locally Listed 
Use: Impacted by HS2 development

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