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The modern architecture of Birmingham

The city skyline in Birmingham is increasingly changing with a collection of modern architecture. These buildings are becoming iconic for our city, and are well worth visiting if you haven’t already!

library of birmingham elliott brown birmingham modern architectureLibrary of Birmingham by Elliott Brown

Library of Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham is one of the newest additions to the Birmingham skyline. Built on the site of a car park,  and has quickly become  a city landmark. The exterior of the library is clad in metal geometric shapes, linking to the cladding of The Selfridges Building. The interior revolves around a huge circular stairwell, which is definitely worth exploring.

selfridges building by brianac37 birmingham modern architectureThe Selfridges Building by Brianac37 

The Selfridges Building

Costing around £40 million to construct, The Selfridges Building is unmistakable. The building is clad in 15,000 aluminium disks, giving it a futuristic exterior. Inside, the Selfridges department store offers retail and dining outlets. The store is currently undergoing redevelopment work costing around £25 million, including the recent transformation of the Beauty Hall.

millennium point by guy evans modern architecture birminghamMillennium Point by Guy Evans

Millennium Point

Millennium Point and the Eastside building mark the beginning of the redevelopment of Birmingham Eastside, implemented by the Big City Plan the the current plans for the HS2 development. Millennium Point houses Birmingham ThinkTank and an IMAX screen, while both buildings are sites for Birmingham City University facilities, with a second phase of build currently in construction.

staying cool rotuda birmingham modern architectureImage property of Staying Cool

Birmingham Rotunda

The Rotunda has had a varied history and has divided opinion throughout Birmingham. Once a block of offices, the building has been developed by Staying Cool and UrbanSplash to provide an apart-hotel and luxury living accommodation.

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The Selfridges Building, Bullring


Designed by Future Systems, the Selfridges Building has become one of Birmingham’s most iconic architectural structures. Situated in The Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham City Centre, the build cost around 40 million, and opened in 2003.

The store is currently undergoing redevelopment work costing 20 million to create around 70 new jobs and a target of higher sales. Every floor will be redesigned, and curved glass window displays will be added to the main entrances of The Bullring – harking back to Mr Selfridge’s original building design in Oxford Street.


Sitting in over 110,000 m2 of retail space, the building was clad in 15,000 aluminium discs. The structure is four stories high.

Designed by Future Systems, The Selfridges Building has won several prestigious awards, including the RIBA Award for Architecture 2004.

6778243520_1cc617d049_bImage property of Briana37

Fact file:

Location: Bullring, City Centre 
Built: 2003
Style: Blobitecture
Status: None 
Use: Department store

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