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Discover Birmingham’s heritage architecture

Birmingham has a beautiful variety of heritage architecture. Discover our top picks, and head out into the city to visit them this summer.

Grade 1

aston hall exterior birmingham

Aston Hall

Aston Hall is a large Jacobean building, situated in a prominent position overlooking Birmingham. It was built in the early 1600s at the commission of Sir Thomas Holt. The hall remained in the ownership of the family until the 1800s, and after changing hands several times it is now a public museum.

aston hall birmingham

Aston Hall features a lavish interior, decorated to reflect the different time periods the Hall has lived through. The extensive grounds are perfectly sculpted, and can be explored by visitors from April to November.

curzon street railway station birmingham by Steve Cadman
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Curzon Street Station

Curzon Street Station opened on April 9th 1838. It was designed by the architect Philip Hardwick to bring trains from Birmingham to London for the first time. The station had a prominent place in the function of the city, until it was closed in 1966. Since then, the station has remained unoccupied, except for the occasional art exhibition.

station arial hs2 birmingham
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The station is set to be transformed in the new Birmingham HS2 development. Curzon Street station will once again link London to Birmingham with a high-speed line, bringing the station back to its former glory. The building will be incorporated into a new glass structure, signifying the new Curzon Street Gateway.

Grade 2

newman brothers coffin works by
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Newman Brother’s Coffin Works

Newman Brother’s Coffin Works is one of Birmingham’s hidden heritage gems. In the heart of the Jewellery Quarter, the business was busy from 1894 to 1999 producing high quality coffin fittings, linings and shrouds for prominent members of society. The factory was sold in 2003 along with all of its old stock, including handles, photographs and catalogues.

The Birmingham Conservation Trust is currently restoring the building, set to open in summer 2014 as a community museum showcasing the business’ original stock. The building will also have units for local creative business use. 

Image property of Staying Cool

Birmingham Rotunda

The Birmingham Rotunda is one of Birmingham’s most unlikely heritage buildings. It was originally planned as one of James A. Robert’s designs in the original Bullring scheme, but plans were later changed until its eventual construction. Opinion on the building is divided; when it was built many disliked it, but since its closure it has evaded demolition due to public protest!

Image property of Staying Cool

The 25 story building has since been developed from its original use as office blocks to a luxury apart-hotel run by Staying Cool at the Rotunda, and a selection of homes by UrbanSplash.

Locally Listed

Image property of Brianac37

Eagle & Tun

The Eagle and Tun public house was a much loved local venue, offering a thriving music scene; the band UB40 filmed their iconic video for ‘Red Red Wine’ at the pub in the 1980s. After closure in 2008, the building has been left empty.

hs2 artists impression new canal street 3d birmingham newsroom
Image property of Birmingham Newsroom

The Grade B locally listed building is intended to be inetgrated into the new Curzon Street Gateway development as part of the Birmingham HS2 scheme. The building will be modified to fit, and will be renovated.

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