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Inside Sarehole Mill photo tour

Hidden away a short ten minute drive from Moseley town centre, Sarehole Mill is a delightfully maintained mill, one of only two working watermills in Birmingham. Now open to the public as a museum and working mill, this beautiful building is perfect for an afternoon visit. Here’s a look at the building’s interesting contents.

The courtyard sits at the entrance to the Mill, created by the L shape of the buildings. In the courtyard is a small outbuilding, housing an original bread oven.

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wood stone machinery, sarehole mill, birmingham, birmingham

The interior of Sarehole Mill is filled with fascinating machinery, demonstrating how the mill was run. Some of it still in working condition, the sound of running water, which powers the mill, fills the building.

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Carefully placed details show visitors the items used in the mill. Monogrammed sacks were used to store and transport flour, hoisted from a hook in the ceiling to be lowered down trapdoors.

working water wheel, sarehole mill, birmingham, heritage

The water wheel was used to power the mill, pushing this wooden structure to turn the millstones via a complicated mechanism.

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replica steam engine, sarehole mill, birmingham, heritage

A new steam engine was added to the Mill in the 1850s to power the machinery when water was running low. The original steam engine has been replaced with an accurate replica.

machinery detail, sarehole mill, birmingham, heritage

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Visitors can discover the history of Sarehole Mill, including copies of the Sarehole Mill account book. There are so many quirky corners of the Mill to explore, it’s worth a visit in person. Every Sunday, there is a milling demonstration! Visit Sarehole Mill for more information to plan your trip.

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