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Sarehole Mill Pond photo tour

Sarehole Mill overlooks an idyllic waterside view; the Mill Pond. Home to a collection of wildlife and beautifully wild gardens, it is one of the joys of visiting the property.

A long decking area at the rear of the building looks out onto the water. A small jetty is used by visitors to the Mill for pond dipping to discover the local wildlife.

pondside flowers, mill pond, sarehole mill, birmingham, heritage

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Waterside planting encourages an ecosystem to grow. Blooming country flowers are prominent features in the garden.

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Following the quirky layout of the property, the garden has nooks and crannies too. Vibrant flowerbeds and a wide range of different flowers create a welcoming country garden.

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It is the simple, relaxed restoration of Sarehole Mill which gives this museum its charm. Such care has been taken to create a wonderfully rural atmosphere, staying true to the Mill’s original purpose. At the front of the property, an old millstone is propped up for understated decoration.

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Visiting Sarehole Mill and the Mill Pond is taking a step back to simpler times; hidden from the bustling city by vibrant foliage and a quintessentially country garden, the property is a rustic delight to explore. Open Tuesday to Sunday, take a look at Sarehole Mill to help plan your trip.

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