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Selly Manor gardens photo tour

Selly Manor was originally located in Bournbrook, moving to Bournville in the early 1900s when Laurence Cadbury built his factory. The bright gardens in the grounds of the Manor have been beautifully sculpted and maintained for visitors to enjoy. Following our photo tour of the interior, we are sharing our exploration of the Manor grounds.

The entrance to the property is decorated with a rustic fence beds of plants.

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A variety of greenery and flowers boom in midsummer, overlooking nearby University of Birmingham buildings.

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A miniature geometric maze adds grandeur to the beautiful Manor house.

Gypsophila and Lupins, gardens, selly manor, birmingham heritage

The small violet Gypsophila and vibrant Lupins create a careful colour scheme with their generous use in the gardens.

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Gardens wrap around the house, surrounding it with foliage. At the exterior is a large lawn is bordered by flowers.

minworth greaves, selly manor, birmingham

Minworth Greaves sits at the back of the property. It was originally situated in Minworth, dating back around 750 years, but was moved in 1932 by Laurence Cadbury.

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There are many secret spots in the Selly Manor gardens to explore. Entrance to the gardens only is £1, and would make a lovely afternoon visit this summer. Visit sellymanormuseum.org.uk to plan your visit.

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