Selly Manor


Selly Manor was originally built around the 1300s. It was once located in Bournebrooke village. The building was constructed in traditional oak beams with a filling of ‘wattle and daub’ in architectural the style of the period. It was a Manor House to the Jouette family.

Over time, various changes were made to the building including the addition of brick chimneys, the three gables, and the later conversion into three dwellings named ‘Rookery Cottages‘. By the 20th century, Rookery Cottages were neglected and suffering structurally as a result.

George Cadbury bought the property in 1907, and began work on it in 1914. With the help of architect William Alexander Harvey, he took the property apart and erected it in nearby Bourneville, near to his new chocolate factory. The project cost around £6,000 to complete.

Fact file:

Location: Maple Road, Bourneville

Built: 1300s

Style: Tudor exterior

Status: Grade II Heritage Listed

Use: Museum

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